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PE Joint Wrap Tape T300

Shandong Xunda Anticorrosion Coating Co.,Ltd is a China pe joint wrap tape manufacturer, supplier and company, our professional factory can provide you pe joint wrap tape t300 products with both good price and quality.

Tape Coating for Pipeline Joints & Fittings

System description:

T300(934 series)Joint wrap tape tape series is designed for corrosion protection of straight pipes, fittings, flanges valves, bends, elbows, carbon steel pipes and other irregular configurations.T300 wrap tape be made of a stabilized Polyethylene carrier film, coated on one sides with a permanently plastic synthetic compound on Butyl rubber compound bitumen base.The unique adhesive retains conformability over a wide temperature range, yet exhibits an elevated level of shear resistance, which is a key in-ground performance characteristic.


The specification of the tape consists of three layers,
Adhesive: Butyl rubber Compound Bituminous Adhesion Promoting Resins
Film backing: Special blend of stabilized Polyethylene
Interleaf: Anti-adhesive Film Treated with Silicone (release paper)

Features & Benefits

● Heavy duty adhesive.
Ensures a strong bond & impervious seal.
● Conformable to irregular shapes.
Offers a solution for nearly every application.
● No release liner.
Makes installation fast and easy.
● Worldwide reference lists.
Established in-ground history.
● Complies with AWWA Standard C-209.
Reliable, high-performance corrosion protection.
● Retains conformability over a wide temperature range with an elevated level of shear resistance.


Product Properties Test method Typical Value
Typical Value
Typical Value
Backing ASTM D100 6.5 mils
0.165 mm
10 mils
0.254 mm
Adhesive ASTM D100 28.5 mils
0.724 mm
40 mils
1.016 mm
Tensile Strength ASTM D1000 26 N/cm 44 N/cm 60 N/cm
Color ASTM D100 Black,white,yellow,green
Elongation ASTM D1000 150%
Peel Adhesion to Primed Steel ASTM D1000 25 N/cm 33 N/cm 33 N/cm
Cathodic Disbondment: ASTM G8 0.25 in radius (6.4 mm)
Water Vapor transmission ASTM E96B <0.1%
Water Vapor Transmission Rate ASTM F1249 (100°F, 100% RH) 0.04 g / 100 in2 / 24hr
(0.6 g/m2 / 24 hr)
Volume Resistivity ASTM E257 2.5 x 1016 ohm-cm
Dielectric Breakdown ASTM D1000 25 KV 25 KV 25KV
Dielectric Strength ASTM D149 21 KV 28KV 30KV
Insulation resistance ASTM D1000 1.4 x 107 MOhm 2.0 x 107 MOhm 2.0 x 107 MOhm
Impact resistance EN12068 > 8 Nm


Max operating temperature                               66°C (150°F)                                              
Recommended primer P27
Additional mechanical layer T100 and T200
Compatible line coati PE, FBE, Tape & Coal Tar
Recommended pipe preparation SSPC-SP2, SP3 & SP6 ST 2 1/2 - ST 3
Performance AWWA C-209

Ordering Information
Tape Coatings are available in roll form.Ordering Example: T300-35 BLK 2X100FT 3’’

35 Total tape thickness in mils 35 mils (0.89 mm), 50 mils (1.27 mm),65mil(1.65mm)
BLK Tape backing color Black (BLK), White (WHI), Blue (BLU)
2 Tape width in inches 2" (50 mm), 4" (101 mm), 6"(152 mm),
50FT Tape roll length in feet 100 ft (30 m)
1.5 Tape inner core diameter in inches 1.5" (38 mm), 3" (75 mm)