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Heat Shrink Wrapping Tape

Shandong Xunda Anticorrosion Coating Co.,Ltd is a China heat shrink wrapping tape manufacturer, supplier and company, our professional factory can provide you heat shrink wrapping tape products with both good price and quality.

Open type sleeves without closure patch

Product profile:

Heat Shrinkable Wraparound Tape designed for corrosion protection of buried and exposed steel pipelines, especially for pipelines, fittings, bends, elbows and other irregular configurations. XWT is made of three layers, namely the outer layer (backing material) is a cross-linked polyolefin backing; the middle layer is high performance heat melting adhesive, polyethylene and fusion bonded epoxy The two-layer tape bears no primer. Upon the application of heat, XWT shrinks down to fully encapsulate the protected substrate.

1.2 Features & Benefits:

● The product is packaged in convenient rolls with various widths protect and repair pipelines, fittings, bends, elbows and other irregular configurations.
● Cross-linked backing provides superior abrasion, mechanical and
chemical attack resistance.
● High performance adhesive provides excellent resistance to Cathodic
Disbondment to ensure long-term corrosion protection

1.3 Specification

Width: 50mm、100mm、150mm、200mm、250mm、300mm、350mm
length: 15m、20m、25m、30m,
The Size can be ordered according to customers’ demands .

1.4 Properties of sleeve
Width deviation (max) ±10% width or 0.25 in.(6mm),
Whichever is smaller
Thickness (min) 60mil 1.5mm
60mil 1.5mm
45mil 1.1mm
45mil 1.1mm
Softening Point ASTM E28 99℃ ASTM E28
Lap shear 29 psi ASTM D1002
Elongation 500% ASTM D638
Hardness 40 ASTM D2240
Dielectric stength 30KV ASTM D149
Penetration Resistance Pass holiday detection test
with 10kV detector
Water Absorption 0.05%↓ ASTM D570
Volume resistitvity 1014 ohm-cm ASTM D257
Adhesion to steel 15 lb/in.width (25 N/cm) ASTM G8
Heat shock No visual cracking,flowing,or dripping AWWAC216-5.3.8
Tensile strength 2200 psi ASTM D638
Adhesion Strength To Steel Pipe 30N/cm
To P.E Lining 20N/cm
ASTM D1000