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Geotextile Bitumen Tape T800

Shandong Xunda Anticorrosion Coating Co.,Ltd is a China geotextile bitumen tape t800 manufacturer, supplier and company, our professional factory can provide you geotextile bitumen tape t800 products with both good price and quality.

Road tape


Geotextile bitumen tape is a composite membrane of nonwoven geotextile and a self-adhesive rubberized bitumen with high strength and high elongation properties.

Geotextile bitumen is designed as a joint sealant and reflective crack inhibitor, providing stress relief and waterproofing in concrete and asphalt pavements.

Geotextile bitumen is also used to seal the joints of concrete culverts and bridge decks.

Technical date

Thickness 2.2mm ASTM
Tensile strength 7.5Kn/m
Tensile elongation 50%
Puncture strength (8mm diameter rod) 300N

Order guide

Width Length Roll per box
150mm 12 M 6
250mm 12 M 3
300mm 12 M 3
500mm 12 M 2
900mm 12 M 1