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Visccoelastic Body Paste

Shandong Xunda Anticorrosion Coating Co.,Ltd is a China visccoelastic body paste manufacturer, supplier and company, our professional factory can provide you visccoelastic body paste products with both good price and quality.

Visccoelastic body paste

System description:

Viscoelastic anticorrosion paste is a new type anti-corrosion new products, which is special designed for offshore or buried pipelines and other anti-corrosion profiled
fitting such as flanges, valves, pumps, bents. NTG is easy to apply, good sealing effect, anti-corrosion and long life, fully and environmental protection advantages.


The viscoelastic tape should be reinforced with inert fiber matrix. The tape roll must be formulated with a removable plastic film at the time of application.
The corrosion protection tape should be provided with suitable outer wrap for mechanical protection; the purpose of which is to provide additional pressure to support cold flow of compound tape and self healing properties of complete coating system.

Features & Benefits

● Never cured polymer has unique cold flow properties can achieve self-healing, anti-corrosion and repair process to achieve complete protection effect.
● Long-term physical,chemical, thermal and mechanically stable protection
● Completely eliminate the intrusion of water, completely eliminate microbial corrosion, has good chemical resistance, and cathodic protection peeling.
● Excellent immediate and permanent adhesion to steel or other surfaces like PE, PP, FBE
No primer, no loss, no cracking, non-hardening.
● Can be matched with PVC/PE/PP/Alu outer tape, and heat shrink sleeves, Application practice of large-scale pipeline projects at home and abroad, the quality is stable and reliable.
● Impervious to water and gases
● Temperature range -15°C to 55°C

Onshore & Offshore

Rehabilitation and new-built pipelines
Underground and above-ground application


Oil gas chemical pipelines corrosion protection
3PE repaire
Flang,vavle bents corrosion protection

Technical Data

Property Unit Value Test Specification
Form Tape - -
Color and appearance Visual Check Uniform in color and bright
Density g/cm3 1 Min. DIN 53479
Temperature (ambient)
°C -10 To +50 -
Water Absorption. % Upto 0.1% ASTM D-570
Tensile strength N/cm Minimum 40 N/cm DIN 30672
Adhesive Strength N/cm
≥5 ASTM D 1000
Impact Resistance at 23°C Joule
≥15 J

EN 12068
Disbondment Resistance.
mm ≤ 10 mm
23 ⁰C
EN 12068
Dielectric Strength Kv / mm ≥10 DIN 53481
Good resistance required with Dilute acid salt solutions Fungi soil Bacteria Root Pressure - -
Good Adhesion/
compatibility required with
Good Adhesion/
compatibility required with
P.E (3 Layer)
Asphalt coating Coaltar
- -
Conformability High - -
Good Adhesion In over lapping area with above coating system - -