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Polyurethane pipe insulation
Date: 2015-04-02
Compressive strength Mpa ≥200 polyurethane insulation pipe is much lower than other pipe insulation material used in the past, the effect of improving the insulation capacity of 4 Kg / m3 45-60 three Performance parameters of oxygen and water absorption index h ≥26 Kg / m2 ≤0.2 this Products are widely used in flammable and non-flammable fluid pipes and boilers, steel structures. Seamless steel pipe, also known as hot-rolled seamless steel pipe or hot-rolled steel. Tension seamless steel pipe seamless steel pipe production process is important is reducing tension through to complete the process of reducing the rolling process is a continuous hollow base material without mandrel.
Polyurethane pipe insulation low thermal conductivity and low water absorption, plus insulation and outer waterproof good high density polyethylene or fiberglass protective shell, has changed the traditional trench laying pipe heating condition "wearing wet jacket", greatly reducing the supply overall heat loss heat pipes, thermal network heat loss of 2%, less than 10% of international standards. Corrosion, good insulation properties, long service life.
Polyurethane foam pipe insulation while its holes are closed, water absorption is small. High-density polyethylene shell, fiberglass shell have good anti-corrosion, insulation and mechanical properties. Therefore, it is difficult to work steel skin by external air and water erosion. As long as the internal quality of the pipeline deal, according to foreign materials, the service life of high temperature prefabricated buried pipe insulation up to 50 years, compared with the traditional trench laying, laying of overhead high life 3 we provide Cangzhou Chengdu polyurethane foam pipe insulation for you big brands of high-quality news and information, thermal conductivity W / mk 0.016-0.024 Temperature ℃ -90- + 120 obturator rate% ≥97 4 times. 4. Small footprint, fast construction, favorable environmental protection, high-quality polyurethane foam Cangzhou Supply Chengdu buried heating pipe does not require masonry huge trench, just people buried underground pipe insulation, thus greatly reducing the project area, reducing earthwork excavation of approximately 50 percent or more, reducing the amount of civil masonry and concrete 90%. Meanwhile, heat pipe trenching parallel processing and on-site, just live joints, can shorten the duration of more than about 50%. 5 hot prefabricated buried pipe insulation safety.