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Steel sleeve steel steam pipe insulation technology standard mounting bracket
Date: 2015-04-02
Steel sleeve steel steam pipe insulation technology standard mounting bracket, steel sleeve steel steam pipe insulation production process. Steel sleeve steel pipe buried pipe insulation from work, insulation, rolling guide pipe bracket, outer tube (pipe), anti-corrosion layer, insulation work in the steel strapping, relying rolling guide tube holder within the outer casing integral thermal expansion move, it does not damage the insulation, mounting bracket for the built-in mounting bracket, without the original "three-way mounting bracket," the massive concrete piers, is the ideal way of the steam pipe laying. After years of use in practice and Testing Center concerning life of up to three years or more.
Second, the product scope of the transmission medium: Steam working pressure: ≤1.6MPa medium temperature: ≤350 ℃ Working Environment: underground soil Third, the product structure diagram of a core tube (pipe) 2, water-repellent shell silicate insulation XN-3 (or hydrophobic compound silicate insulation shell or non-asbestos calcium silicate insulation shell) 3, rolling guide pipe bracket 4, strapping tube 5, the outer protective tube (steel casing) 6, coating Fourth, the product material technical requirements 1, the working material for the steel pipe seamless steel pipe conveying fluid, using GB8163-99 standards, or the use of standard GB3087, also depending on customer requirements or availability using other standard pipe. 2, insulation insulation materials used hydrophobic silicate composite shell or XN-3 aluminum silicate (moisture ceramics) insulation shell can also choose other materials upon request of the insulation material. Double insulation wrong wrong side seam steel strapping on the work fused, reducing heat loss, and the steel casing surface friction does not occur, extending the life of the insulation layer thickness with medium temperature dependent