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Buried steel sleeve steel pipe insulation manufacturers
Date: 2015-04-02
Pipe work from the inside and outside to protect the composition of steel and intermediate insulation. Work blasted steel two coats rust. By high temperature insulation mat, lightweight porous calcium silicate insulation tile and polyurethane foam components. After sandblasting steel jacket for six wound fiberglass and resin coating.
1, waterproof
2, high temperature high pressure for medium temperature 350 ℃, pressure 2.5Mpa
3, the heat consumption is low, the insulation effect is better than any kind of traditional insulation methods
4, corrosion resistance, high coating strength, not destroy
5, long life, up to 30-50 years of life
 Steel sleeve steel steam pipe insulation is a combination of a transmission medium by steel, corrosion and superfine wool coat steel pipe and the jacket pipe between filling, but also can be graphite, silicon calcium-watt bulb filled with polyurethane foam and composite from. Steel casing (steel sleeve steel) buried technology is a waterproof, leakproof laying of new technologies, impermeability, compression and fully enclosed, is a major breakthrough Buried technology used in high water table areas.