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Related presentations ceramic epoxy corrosion of steel
Date: 2015-04-02
Subject epoxy resin and the epoxy ceramic corrosion a large amount (more than 50% by weight) was coated silica powder composition. Coating high hardness, wear resistance and smooth, but with a certain willful, is a high mechanical strength, adhesion force, excellent corrosion resistance of the pipe lining material.
There GH101 type epoxy ceramic pottery GH102-type white pottery. Appearance Black pottery, mainly used to transport sewage, water cast iron pipe, steel pipe wall corrosion, white pottery white appearance, mainly used to transport drinking water cast iron pipe, steel pipe wall corrosion epoxy ceramic products can also be used for steel system storage tanks, concrete tanks, sewage treatment plants, chemical corrosion within the device.
Ceramic or without solvent and epoxy mastic type, one-time impasto, at room temperature from the dry, dense coat tough, looks smooth as a mirror, wear, water, chemical resistance, excellent electrical insulation, can reduce costs improve the quality, easy to use.