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The new years speech
Date: 2015-03-30

Dear XUNDA colleagues:

Laughter, on the occasion of the new year; at the start of the new year, let us also start anew. We are filled with fruitful results ushered in a hopeful 2015.

New year, new start. On the occasion of the new year, on behalf of the Party committee, director of XUNDA company and management team, and my most cordial greetings and sincere congratulations to our employees and their families for their hard work, unity and hard work.

In the past 2014, embedded in each a work and our efforts. The majority of the staff for their hard work and selfless dedication, XUNDA company of the work presents a scene of bustling activity trend, bursts out the unprecedented vitality, deep the "spirit of dedication, initiative, cooperation, practice" received the best explanation and publicity. This year is an extraordinary year, is worth commemorating the year

We will never forget, in 2014, the employees, make concerted efforts, well completion of all production and management objectives and tasks. Sales and market share to a record of. In the face of material costs, electricity and other uncontrollable costs rose and domestic engineering reduced pressures, all staff to tap potential, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, realizes to further expand the total profit; by strengthening the comprehensive budget management and cost control, focus on the integration of management system, the management of group level further enhance the party building work has made outstanding achievements. At the same time, we developed a new environment-friendly anticorrosive products, such as PVC marine bitumen adhesive tape, high temperature tape, -40 degree temperature viscoelastic adhesive tape,

XUNDA offers a wide range of coating systems that meet the rigorous demands of on-land and off-shore pipelines. Through a global network of certified applicators, the plant coating specifications and quality standards are rigorously monitored, thus ensuring reproducible long-term coating performance the end-user.

Every employee is a member of group company, group company forward each step cannot do without each staff's hard work, the company's glory is every employee's pride. W

Finally, wish all the staff health, career progress, happiness!