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Shandong Xunda Anticorrosion Coating Co.,Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of pipe anti-corrosion coating materials in China.

We are a global company supplying Polyethylene Coating Systems for anti-corrosion in the oil, gas and water pipeline construction industry for both onshore and offshore applications.The XUNDA brand has been synonymous with pipeline corrosion protection systems worldwide for 17 years. Whether in the extreme heat of the Middle East or the forbidding cold of Russia or the more moderate climates of the United States, XUNDA is there with the most advanced anti-corrosion pipeline coating for the oil, gas, water and coal slurry industries.

We are a manufacturer of standard and special products. With high-quality anti-corrosion systems, we are providing anti-corrosion solutions for oil pipelines, natural gas, chemicals and water transmission and distribution pipelines. We are a global supplier of PE corrosion systems for metallic pipelines.

We serve:

Oil, gas and water transmission pipeline markets

Oil and gas distribution and utility markets

New pipeline construction markets

Rehabilitation and reconditioning markets

Offshore industry

Refinery and petrochemical plant industry

Our company provides corrosion protection with the inherent chemicals of polyethylene and butyl adhesive for water resistance and oxygen penetration. Oxygen and Water are prevented from reaching the metal substrate. They are the necessary and sufficient conditions for corrosion.

We manufacture PE coating systems for the applications of new pipe construction, rehabilitation and reconditioning.

Our products are ISO9001 approved and are in accordance with other good manufacturing and technical standards and norms in the energy and pipeline industry. Coating systems have a broad range of temperature and shearing resistant properties to meet the requirements of pipeline end-users.

Key Advantages

10 years of pipeline coating experience

Global presence in oil, gas and water industries

A comprehensive manufacturer of polyethylene and polypropylene coating systems

Innovative coating, high temperature systems and niche coating with first quality products

Multiple coating systems to meet end-users' applications and requirements

A broad range of products to meet pipeline requirements

Tailor made products to specific application on demand by the end-users

High quality products with innovative technology, advanced manufacturing methods and first quality raw materials

ISO approved manufacturing protocol

Xunda products and coating systems are approved by ASTM, DIN, AWWA and other standards.

Standard manufacturing methods

State of the art quality control/assurance procedures and protocol

Technology/R&D programs for new products and new processes

Adaptable to manufacture specific request within short time

Proven long-term performance and corrosion protection on operating pipelines

Coating applied in plants and ditches

Easy application, consistent application and lower costs

The most popular other brand inclusing UAS polyken tape,Italy Alten tape and denso tape and SHAIC tape.

Compatible with traditional and current corrosion coatings